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GarageBand is a free music mixing program that allows you to make your own music. There are thousands of loops that you can use along with numerous instruments, tracks, sound effects and tools. The interface is simple enough for most users to immediately grasp the functions and concepts.

Main Features

GarageBand is an audio mixing program made for beginners. It has many professional tools along with a tremendous number of loops. Loops are prerecorded sounds, such as from a violin or piano, that you can use to create your own songs. Simply download the loop, drag it into the track and it will be added to your song. You can even expand the loops from several seconds to many hours.

You can also record your own audio. Simply connect an instrument or microphone to your computer. GarageBand will record the audio and add it to your song. While GarageBand is primarily made for music, you can also make voice recordings for podcasts and similar purposes.

Simple Interface

There are more advanced audio programs, but many of them have difficult interfaces that only experts understand. One of the best things about GarageBand is its interface. This was made so that beginners can easily start making their own music. If you can drag-and-drop, have an ear for music and can follow some simple instructions, then you can make a song in a couple of minutes.

While the interface is simple, there are also many advanced features hidden right below the surface. You can adjust the loops to different keys, make music right from your computer keyboard and make advanced edits to the recorded sound. The advanced features are handy for professionals, but newcomers don't need to know them in order to create music.

Lack of Professional Tools

GarageBand has many tools, loops and features. It will easily have enough options for beginners or experienced users who don't want to spend money on an audio editing program. At the same time, it does lack many of the advanced tools found in professional recording software.

If you are an experienced user looking for professional equipment, then GarageBand may not be for you. It can replicate many advanced features, but you'll find yourself doing more work than necessary. This program is best for newcomers or those looking to save money.

Fairly Lightweight

GarageBand is a fairly lightweight program that usually doesn't need too many resources to run. If you are making a simple song with just a few tracks, then the program should run great even if you have a weaker laptop. At the same time, songs can become bloated if you use more than a dozen tracks and many different loops. You may want to use a stronger desktop in that case.


  • Thousands of different loops and sound effects.
  • Simple interface makes this accessible to beginners.
  • Has many different features that even experienced users will like.


  • This lacks the more advanced features found with professional audio editing programs.

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